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This site in Dutch

The posts on this blog are originally written in Dutch, thanks to Google Translate I can publish them simultaneously in English and publish these at the same time. You can read the Dutch version of this blog here.

Response blog on Energy and Values

At TU Delft, I am involved in the Response research project which studies societal controversies about energy projects. Together with my colleagues, we regularly publish posts about our research (in Dutch).

Living in the free city

Never before in history have so many people lived on this planet, and never before have so many people lived in cities. The question is how these cities can remain livable if they become part of a uniform globalized economic system, if people are surrounded by strangers, if we produce more waste than we can handle? How do we ensure that we do not lapse into exclusion, xenophobia or violence? How can we combat pollution without losing freedom? What are the consequences of the increasing flexibility, virtualisation and privatization of the world around us? How do we design the built environment of the city in such a way that we can remain tolerant to strangers and intolerant of dirt?

In this online book (in Dutch) I will address these questions. There is a version in English, which is abbreviated, but it has pictures.

Research gate

On this site most of my scientific articles can be found.


And if you’re really interested, there is also some music here.

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